Church Van at a House of Ill Repute

In the fleet tracking industry, we hear a lot of crazy stories about where employees take vehicles. In one case, a pastor received a call from an anonymous caller that the church’s bus, which was not equipped with a GPS tracker, was in the parking lot of a local “club for gentlemen”. Needless to say, someone didn’t get elected deacon at that church and the church now has a GPS tracking device on its bus!
In another case, a limousine and bus service company in the Northeast of the United States received an alert that a GPS tracked bus was being used after hours. The company used the GPS tracking service to alert the police to the location of the vehicle which they followed for some time. As the police followed the bus, they noticed different men would get on and off the bus at different locations around the town. When they finally arrested the man and inspected the vehicle, they discovered a “lady of the night” on the bus. It’s a good thing the company used fleet tracking on this YELLOW SCHOOL BUS!

Many other stories include simple things like employees moonlighting with company trucks or heavy equipment. Sometimes school districts find out their buses are parked in front of liquor stores or that drivers go grab a beer while students are at a basketball game.

What might GPS tracking tell you?

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