Do-it-yourself Chicken Coop Plans: Construct Your Own Garden Coop!

Raising chickens has many advantages, and as I mentioned, is not too hard with the right amount of space.

With will have unlimited eggs, meat, and keep your garden healthy. The chickens can even eat your leftovers. What’s needed to construct your coop?

Always follow the law when building your own DIY chicken coop. Not doing so will result in several penalties and fines. Luckily, finding your blueprints for chicken coop laws is only a phone call away, but could save you a lot of money in the long run.

One of the most crucial factors when building your own backyard coop is the number of chickens you plan to keep. If you plan on having a larger folk, you must make sure to build a coop that will fit them all inside comfortably.

Also, chicken need space to move, this is approximately four square feet each so you must put this into consideration. Climate can have a huge impact on your coop. You want to have a building that is dry, well ventilated and free from draft.

Face the coop towards the Sun at all times. Keep predators away from your coop! Raccoons and cats tend to dig their way into a chicken coop that is ground based. Elevated your coop high enough that they cannot reach it.

Location of the waterers and feeders? These need to be at a place where you can remove them easily for refill and at the same time easily accessible to the chicken. And of course, building materials play a role in the design. When making a DIY chicken coop, everyone uses wood most of the time. It’s the easiest to maintain and clean. You can have windows and a door strategically placed to allow easy cleaning.

You do not have to use new wood, you can get cheap prizes from reused wood to build your chicken coop and you can coat it with paint to make it more inviting. Always think about nesting boxes when building your own DIY coop. You have to decide before hand where you want to place the nesting boxes. You will not require many as the chickens use the same boxes.

For the easiest cleaning, keep the coop elevated and wood shavings on the floor below. Using these tips techniques will give your chicken the happiness and long lasting life they desire.

Build your own DIY coop today and share the experience with the whole family.

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