My Thoughts About Ted’s Woodworking

I’ve been into woodworking all my life, and over the past few months have started search online for new plans and designs to try. During my research, everyone seemed to be interested in a product called Ted’s Woodworking.

I looked over the sales page and it seemed legitimate so I decided to give it a shot. To be honest at first I wasn’t expecting much, but I ended up being shocked at what I found inside.

There were thousands of plans for many of my favorite projects including a Workbench, Arbor, Fence, Birdhouse, Hommock, Stool, Shed, Rabbit House, Computer Desk, Cabinets, and a lot more, in fact 16,000 more.

Unsure of where I start, I browsed over the tutorial videos, and watched a few of the case studies inside. There were several DIY woodworking experts in the videos that helped me get started without hassle.

What I liked about Ted’s Wood Plans:

  • Instant access. As soon as I submitted my payment, I was able to login and access the designs.
  • Easy-to-use. The system was easy to use, and after I logged in I could browse to any of the blueprints I wanted.
  • Top quality. As far as quality goes, as far as I’m concerned it’s unmatched, the instructions inside Ted’s plans were great and step-by-step.
  • Real users. Immediately after logging in, I knew the testimonials had to be legitimate. Ted seemed like a standup guy and it was obvious he spent a lot of time putting together this system.

I’ve been using Teds Woodworking for a few months and have already built several structures myself. Just last weekend me and a few buddies got together and put together a pergola from start to finish using the blueprints.

After showing my buddies the product they immediately wanted access, and went home and purchased it for themselves. That’s great, but the problem is now they’re asking me to help them build, when I want to do my own projects!

But overall, I would say it’s definitely worth the investment, just be careful about who you get to help out. If you have any questions about the product feel free to ask in the comments below!

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