PDF to Excel Conversion Options

Opening PDFs is as good a flipping through a brochure, a book or any printed document. It’s a clean and organized way of presenting reports, proposals and such, and an efficient one to share and send. Problems will arise, however, if the file needs to be edited. There isn’t much hassle if the user has Adobe Acrobat, and if the documents are mainly composed of blocks of text. What could make things a little more frustrating is if the user has to deal with tables. Because admittedly, no other software could better handle tables than Microsoft Excel. Thankfully, there are ways of converting a PDF to Excel, and the steps are as simple as A – B – C.

There are more than one way of converting files, and more than one choice to what they should be converted to. Even if the document is a series of tables, the user can still convert pdf to jpeg for example, or pdf to Word. It will all depend on how they need to tweak the file.

Free PDF to Excel Online Conversion

There is an abundance of free online PDF conversion services. Entering the right keywords in Google will result to a line-up of sites. Although their main goal is help people convert PDF to Excel, Word or PowerPoint, or convert pdf to jpeg, each of them is unique in more ways than one.

The most obvious disparity is in terms of usability. Most sites box the entire process in four simple steps — 1) upload the PDF file, 2) choose a file type to convert it to, 3) convert and wait, and 4) download the converted file from the site itself, or from your email. There are others, however, that add extra steps or include advanced functions. Some allow users to upload and convert multiple files simultaneously, while others strictly limits it to one at a time. Also, since the service is free, a few sites allow only a maximum of 5 conversions per computer.

It’s wise to convert pdf to Excel online if the file size is small since most websites that offer free conversions place limits on file uploads. Whether it’s a marketing scheme to have users opt and pay for premium services, or a simple regulation to avoid having their databases overloaded, this is common to all free online PDF conversion sites.

PDF Converter Software

Tabex PDF to JPG TechnologyTo convert pdf to Excel online means to limit oneself to the regulations of the site. But there are tons of important documents with file sizes greatly exceeding 20MB, and number of pages that counts far more than 10. Most sites with free services will reject these, and should there be a few that will accept, the conversion could only result to disappointments.

Apart from the size and number of pages, these software offer far more than what sites can hope to give. First off, understand that some free sites convert tables to image assets, making them impossible at all to edit as wished. The quality of software conversions, on the other hand, is unquestionable. They can accurately retain the format of the PDF so that users can edit without frustrations. Another extra function offered by software is the retention of hyperlinks, legal stamps, and number formats (decimal places, periods or commas, and such). And of course, the extra steps offered by some sites, as mentioned previously, are all included in these wonderful office buddies.

In conclusion, there is no problem in converting PDF to Excel. To convert pdf to jpeg is also something not impossible. There are free services with major limitations, and there are paid services with almost none. What users would need to consider, however, is what conversion option will best suit their needs.

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